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The History of USIBRAS is intertwined with the history of its founder. The success was achieved thanks to the work always determined to overcome obstacles and all boundaries.

The USIBRAS group began operations in 1979 when its founder, Francisco Assis Neto, decided to implement the great dream of his life. Run his own processing plant of cashew nuts. That same year, the first of the three existing plants of cashew nut processing was founded. The factory located in Mossoró, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte-Brazil, with the vision to be the biggest and the best cashew nut processing plant in the world.

At first the small facility, with few employees and beneficiation process conducted manually, made possible a production of two hundred (200) kernel boxes benefited by day. Since its inception USIBRAS has always adopted an approach to offer products with superior quality standards to market requirements. To this end, throughout its existence, the company has been allocating its resources, favorable investment process improvement, technology investments and improvement of its structural and human resources, using always the best tools and equipment available

The history of USIBRAS, however, goes way beyond the limits of its first factory. In the 80s and 90s, USIBRAS consolidates its position in the market and stands out on the world stage of production and marketing of cashew as one of the biggest in production. And in another act of anticipating increasing demands of consumer markets, the company focused mainly on search for quality and modernity, through the assimilation of new technologies, which also aimed to meet the incredible increase of its exports.